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Monitor Workload / UCL Stress

Discover Hot / Cold Hitting Zones

View Metrics in Real Time

Monitor Workload of your throwing arm and receive personalized throw limit recommendations. Follow recommendations to potentially avoid injury caused by overuse.

Discover the pitch locations where you perform your best, and where you need to improve. Our nine-region, color-coded, strike zone makes for a quick and easy read.

Instantly capture, display and analyze every throw or swing.  Get immediate personalized feedback on your performance to improve your game.

Interactive Data Trends

Bullpen Mode

Athlete and Coach Accounts

Advanced visualizations help you gain insight on your throws. Interactive graphs let you delve deeper into your trends.

An immersive bullpen session for pitchers: Choose from a pre-made list of professional routines, or create your own.  Throw a session and receive a performance assessment and tips to improve your pitching game.

Coach Accounts allow a coach or trainer to monitor a group of athletes.  Batting coaches have the ability to create drills and/or videos and send them directly to athletes in-app.

Now, 2 Great Motus Apps Available for iOS

 motusTHROW™ and motusBATTING™

The Motus Sensor Captures Your Pitching and Batting Metrics

Why mess around with sensors that do half the job?

At the heart of motusBASEBALL™ is our next-gen sensor.  It's smaller, lighter and has remarkable Bluetooth range and battery life.  And it does a complete job of tracking your metrics on the mound and at the plate!

Our Proprietary Motus Compression Sleeve for Pitchers

Built to house the Motus Sensor

We designed the lightweight yet durable Motus Compression Sleeve to safely house your Motus Sensor and provide support to your throwing-arm.

Premium Elastic Top Band

Dual silicon beading ensures elastic band won't slip down your arm like other compression sleeves

Lightweight Yet Durable Construction

Constructed of polyester/elastine fabric with reinforced J-Panel construction and TPU welding

Redesigned Sensor Pocket

A perfect fit for your Motus Sensor. Snug design prevents sensor from sliding thereby improving data accuracy

Easy Elbow Alignment

Simply align the target on your sleeve with your elbow, and you're good to go

What's Your Size?

The Motus Compression Sleeve fits either left or right arm and is available in a multitude of youth and adult sizes

Get A Grip!

Multi-directional stretch fabric offers both mobility and support while wicking moisture away from pitching arm

Motus Clip Accessory for Batters

Secures your Motus Sensor

The Motus Clip Accesory allows you to affix your Motus Sensor to just about any batting glove, quickly and securely.

Use Your Favorite Batting Gloves

Affix your Motus Sensor to your favorite (lead-hand) batting glove and start swinging

Lightweight Construction

The combined weight of the Motus Sensor and Clip Accessory is so light, you may forget you're wearing it

I’ve been working with Motus the past few years at its biomechanics lab to gain better insights on the mechanics of my swing. A mobile system capable of allowing me to collect this type of information in the cage and on the field is very exciting.

Andrew McCutchen
Five-time MLB All-Star Center Fielder and 2013 NL MVP

The Only Wearable Sensor Technology Designed for Batters and Pitchers

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