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the global leader in biomechanics for sports injury prevention and performance analyses

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Motus is a world-leader in advanced biomechanical analysis for all levels of athlete. We combine innovative wearable technology with ground-breaking 3D movement and performance analytics software to help athletes, their coaches and trainers prevent injury and improve performance.

In the Lab | analyses

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Years of lab-based biomechanics studies and analyses helped establish Motus as a global leader in the field

We've taken what we learned in the lab and brought it to the field in the form of smart-sensing wearables

Our next-gen Motus Sensor is almost here.

We're excited to announce a lighter, faster more refined Motus Sensor, and it's set to debut in our new motusBASEBALL™ package

Learn About motusBASEBALL™

Recent Press

Made to Measure: Homing in on the Stress of Pitching Every Day [Dec 21, 2015 print edition]

by Tom Taylor

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